Gift Packages, Special Offers and MegaDeals

Summer Jump Packages are now available! Just log into your account on our website and select ‘Pre-Pay Sessions’ on the tool bar. You can then purchase the following packages that will be loaded on your account:

Family Package of 4 Jumps = £30

Family Package of 5 Jumps = £35

MegaTots Package of 2 Jumps = £15

MegaTots Package of 3 Jumps = £21

Normal terms and conditions apply to these packages. If you have any questions please email;



Current Booking Codes & Offers


MegaBeats £12.00  – Promo Code: MEGABEATS3

Saving you an amazing £3.00 per person!

This offer is valid for new bookings for MegaBeat 2 hour sessions on Friday evenings from 7.00pm 


Expired Codes

MEGA0003  TOTS0004  MEGA0005  TOTS0002   SUMMER25   TOTS0003   PARTYS0003 JUMP4795 JUMP4880